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    Investment tracking for developers.

Investing as code.

Holdings.dev is an Investment Performance Monitoring platform designed to interact with multiple brokers and markets through a unified API.

Created for developers by developers.

Holdings.dev Transaction Hub

Holdings Transaction Hub

With Holdings.dev Transaction Hub, developers can combine transactions from multiple brokers regardless of their tax treatment, market and currencies and have a unified view of their investments.

Feature highlight

Sync Transactions & Products
Wish Lists & Watchlists
Group & Filter Investments
Transaction Search
Custom Visualizations
Custom Data Sources
Portfolio Sharing
Performance Benchmark
$ 9 /mo
Free trial until December 2023
  • Includes all features
  • Limited slots available
  • $9/month afterwards
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Early adopters deal

We want to get early feedback from users on how they are using Holdings.dev, so we won’t charge them until the beta is over.
To thank you for your support, after we officially launch, we will honor the $9 price on our full featured plan.


Do I have to share my broker account credentials with Holdings.dev?

No, Holdings.dev captures transactions from brokers through an Open Source application installed in your computer called the Transaction Producer.

Will Holdings.dev support my broker?

Our goal is to support brokers from all over the world. If your broker is not supported yet, let us know on GitHub. We’ll prioritize development based on how popular brokers are among our users.

How much does Holdings.dev cost?

The current feature set off Holdings.dev will cost $29 a month after the private beta is over. However, early adopter users who helped us verify the product in its early days will be able to use Holdings.dev free of charge until the beta is over and will be able to keep the $9 plan until December 2023.

Can I run Holdings.dev offline?

The Transaction Producer (the code that connects to your broker accounts) runs on your computer, the rest of the platform runs on our servers.

Do you offer support for Holdings.dev?

Yes, we provide support to the community through GitHub discussions and via email.

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